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How to shop online (step by step)

>> Step 1 - Login / Register

a) In the event that you already have the registration, log in, using the login information (username, password) in the upper right corner of the homepage.
b) in the event that you are with us for the first time, do not worry. You can register directly on the home page or after the selection of components in step 5.
c) in the case, that you buy as a company, please create registration before purchase and fill in all the necessary information about the company or use the "customize" button (in step No.5).

TIP: is always easier to create a registration first if you want to come back to us sometime

ATTENTION: If you are VAT payer in the EU, it is necessary to fill a valid VAT number (must be in correct format, which starts with country code, for example: "DE……..", otherwise the VAT will be invoiced.

>> Step 2 - Select your parts (orientation on the web)

Selecting parts in our wide product range is divided into several neatly arranged sections. It is possible to use full text search at the top of the screen or scrolling menu (category, brand, model, year), or under banner news can be searched by sections (Sport, Oldtimer, Naked, GP 125,250..., Others)

We recommend this for the easiest search: go to the homepage, select brand and model of motorcycle (the year), or choose different category, from which you want buy the parts.
If your selection does not match any of the categories, you can choose the universal parts, or others at category filter. After filling all desired parameters, the system will load the parts.

You can use a fulltext filter below (etc. screw, foil, plexiglass, complete ...) or advanced filter that applies only to your selected parts.  (Filter according type of parts e.g. Fairing , "Acessorries" + full-text of your choice)


>> Step 3 – Selection of the part / parts and product details

Select your desired product, click on it to see the details.
In the detail of the product can see the following sections:
- name and product description (ID)
- gallery (a separate part or already on the bike)
- design (different designs, depending on product section. When selecting the design, the systém will displays a sample of the material used)
- price
- Quantity
- print product detail
- recommend product
- sent to chosen email
- BUY button (add part into the shopping cart)
- postage calculator

TIP: for more information browse the folders at product detail (Product description, Types o material, Technical specifiacation, instalation) - situated under the gallery

Pop-up window
- after selecting desired part, you may select these options:
- Back to purchase (continue to select additional parts)
- go to the order (finnishing part selection, takes you to step 5)
- show shopping Cart (shopping cart displays a menu where you can adjust the number of items or remove part from the cart)

>> STEP 4 – Shopping cart-list of selected parts (shopping cart Step 1)

It shows all your chosen components. It is possible to adjust the number of items or remove part. In the cart you see the price of selected items (excluding shipping cost), quantity, name of the part including the ID and final price for the parts. When you have finished selecting parts move to the next point - to create order.

>> STEP 5 - Order - choice of delivery and billing adress and payment method (basket Step 2)

- Choose state, where we will deliver the parts
- recapitulation of product prices
- Choose the way of the delivery (Parcel delivery)
- Choose a payment method (Kredi Karte, PAY-PAL, bank transfer)

The system will show you the final price, incl. Postage (lower on the site). If you are not logged in, fill out a delivery and billing address (if its different from delivery one) fill the contact information, eventualy leave a comment for the Motoforza team.

WARNING: if you buy a company, please create registration before purchase and billing information in this section fill in the necessary information about the company or use the "customize ..." (Step No. R).
ATTENTION: If you buying like a company and you are paying VAT in your country, it is necessary to fill a valid VAT number (must be in correct format, beginning with ID letters of your country, for example "DE" + certain numbers), otherwise we will invoice you a price including VAT.

>> STEP 6 - Preview Order (basket Step 3)

Here is the recapitulation of the entire order, please check information and your selected products.
TIP: shipping cost is shown under the Transport information, you can always go back and modify your order

>> STEP 7 - Completing the order and payment (basket step 4)

After checking preview of your order, select the button to create order, which will be sent to our team for processing -after completing the order, you make payment for your selected parts.

Payment type:

redirect you to the pay-pal/debit card gateway where you can immediately pay your order
TIP: pay-pal login is shown down on the site

Bank transfer:
after confirmation will be displayed all the necessary information to make payment via bank account

- The system always sends the acknowledgment (email) after accepting the order, which includes: list of the parts, bank information for the bank transfer or email for the Pay Pal payment.
- After the processing order, you will receive an email
- An order confirmation with all relevant information incl. approximate date of the shipping and additional information (In rare cases, the system does not set the postage, so it is not possible to pay for the parts. In this case, wait for an email from our staff to your registered email address or you can see all the information in your profile on the web www.motoforzafairings.com)

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