Beratung und Tipps zur Auswahl der Installation von Projektoren (Scheinwerfern)

Installation von Projektoren ("Scheinwerfer")


  • Change your road version of the upper part and take the advantage of our installation projectors (lights) to our fairings.
  • Original and rapid appearance of your motorcycle
  • About 50% less cost of acquisition over the entire reconstruction than of the original replacement of broken headlight.
  • Choose from several types of projectors (lights), a variable location in the fairing of your choice.

  • Choice of multiple sizes (from 38m, 50mm, 84mm to 105mm) and types of projectors (lenses) (spotlight, long-distance, combi), variable placement in the fairing at your request.

Platzierungsoptionen verfügbar in Laminierung von Haltern:

a) CENTER (available combinations 1x38,50,84,105 *2x 38mm, *2x 50mm)

b) LEFT (from the rider's point of view)

c) RIGHT (from the rider's point of view )


(available combinations : 1x50+1x38, 1x50+1x84)

e) CASCADE 2x50  

(available combinations of holders : 1x50+1x38, 1x50+1x84)

f) TRIANGLE 3x50, 1x50 + 2x38  

*With these combinations, it is always necessary to test whether the installation will be possible in the selected fairing, I will try and contact you.

Wie bestelle ich die Installation?

1. Order selected types of projectors / headlights , holders and installation in our Eshop.

2. Order by us or deliver to us a part in which you want to install the projector / headlight. 
We will choose the most suitable place, type and number of projectors for your fairing / part, we will send you a proposal for the location of the projectors/headlights.

3. Send a drawing /sketch of the approximate location of the projectors by (email, in person, by mail)

Benötigen Sie Beratung bei der Auswahl?

  • Of course, you can discuss your selection with us.

  • We'll try to pick the best location, type and number of projector for your fairing / part.

  • Below are a couple of samples of our work.

Diagramm der Auswahl von Haltern und Projektoren / Scheinwerfern

Preview of the installation CENTER


Preview of the installation LEFT or RIGHT (UK)


Preview of the installation LEFT, RIGHT


Preview of the installation CASCADE


Preview of the installation TRIANGLE

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