Michal Brozovic participating also again in. 2022 in races of the Austrian WSB agency with his BMW HP4 motorcycle. We asked him about his start to the season:

Michal: this year's WSB season started with Croatia's Rijeka at the beginning of April, which was nice, but the weather wasn't very stable yet. Friday started like everywhere with free practice and on Saturday the races - there I won 2nd place in the first Superstock race. In the afternoon, another program was canceled due to thunderstorms and wind until the end of the day. In Sunday's continuation, I took 3rd place, it was a nice weekend, again a slightly improved time, so satisfaction...

Slovakiaring came next in order in May, where I had a fall a year ago and for several weeks and months racing was out of my reach due to an injury. Unfortunately, this year, I was once again not invited to Slovakia. Friday's practice sessions were good, but I still don't like the track very much, it's quite uneven, in my opinion, the new surface should have been done a long time ago.... In Saturday's qualifying, I took 7th place in the Superstocks and in the race I kept 5th from the start. place. It was not possible to accelerate much, my ass was sliding throughout the race, and the noise from the motorcycle increased in the 6th lap. I thought something had happened with the exhaust, maybe a cotton ball, maybe a spring, the power started to drop and the front riders got a little bit further away from me so I started to pull a little more to keep the place. It worked for less than a full lap, then in one, fairly fast right-hand turn, my ass shot out and I was able to reach a speed of less than 200 km/h. The motorcycle allegedly took off quite high, it overturned, so did I, and when I stood up and saw what was left of the motorcycle, I left it to the road workers to load it :) The motorcycle was quite damaged when it fell, and I was also quite crumpled , but in the cajka, nothing broken. But that's the end of the weekend in Slovakia for me - I'm not very welcome there.....

I was quite looking forward to the upcoming race in Brno, which was held at the beginning of June, for the first time a race on home soil. There wasn't much time left to repair the bike and things around, everything that was broken somehow managed.
I left the repair of the motorcycle to Rudolf Zahnas, who prioritized everything and threw himself into the repair the very next day, mostly only the frame and the engine remained on the motorcycle, but it still involved quite a lot of work. Marek Hartl took care of the front shock absorbers, which he managed to repair very well and quickly, while Ruda continued to repair the rest of the bike, where the rest was taken care of. The parts started to come quite quickly, Motoforza responded excellently after the message and the parts arrived immediately and therefore the repairs could continue. RP tuning - solved downpipes, exhaust, Filip Vagner repaired the overall - a few days and the overall was like new again. Asp group took care of a new Ls2 helmet, which protected my head again when I fell, by the way, I can only recommend it, a very good helmet, great handling and speed in cooperation. I was mostly out of the Czech Republic, but still everything was done.....
On the first day in Brno on Friday morning, it rained and it was necessary to adjust the chassis, but you can't adjust much in the wet. Around noon, the weather improved, the track started to dry, so I went out for the first practice sessions. In the first lap the bike was very unstable so I went back through the settings then it continued but no change. Another training session came, but again no change, so we looked at the rear shock absorber, it didn't seem like it at all. We tried some settings, but no change, maybe even worse. I put in about 2 more laps, but it wasn't worth going any further, apparently nitrogen leaked from the rear shock absorber and it's hard to say what else happened.
On Friday, I decided that it was pointless to continue with such a chassis, I contacted Marko Hartl, and the next day I took the bike to Pilsen for a shock absorber overhaul, thus the racing weekend in Brno was over for me.

In the overall ranking, I moved from the first place to 8th.
In the middle of July, I am expecting the continuation of Stock again in the Czech Republic. The bridge, where I will also go for the first time, so I'm looking forward to it....
Hopefully, everything will work as it should at 100% and I will bring a great result from Most.
Many thanks to Petra for the interview and many thanks to the partners for their cooperation and quick response.
Asp Group, Motoforza, Rp Tuning, Vagner sport, Moto.cz, Bonmoto.cz, M-Style.
Moto.cz: Michal, thanks for the exhaustive answer. Hopefully you have already chosen bad luck this year and it will only get better. Fingers crossed and good luck..!!

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