Motoforza Terminologie

Motoforza Terminologie

Jedes Unternehmen hat eine etwas andere Terminologie ihrer Produkte.
Zur besseren Navigation in unserem Angebot, haben wir ein paar wichtige erklärend.

Höcker Moosgummi = rear part of bodywork closed for racing foam seat. (other known names : "rear part", "Seat", "Race tail")
Höcker Original Polster (OP) = rear part of bodywork  open for Original Polster (Seat).
Höckerabdeckung - cover under the seat for closing rear part from bottom.
Zusatzteil -  this is seat support for closed seat racing for foam seat - installation os between frame and seat for better durability of seat or as necessary part for installation of seat to the rear frame.

Oberteil - klein- This is a Upper part racing small for connection with the side parts, and often the oil sump (or small lower part) often reminiscent division of the original plastics.
However, only a few parts can be used as a substitution for original parts. The vast majority of our upper parts can be used with the original plexi.

Oberteil - gross - this is Upper part big, especially design for easy installation / uninstallation, to connect the Lower part.
Unterteil - this is Lower part, special design for easy installation / uninstallation, to connect the Upper part big. Ussually for racing use to catch the oil when the engine failure. 
Seitenteil - can be small  for 5-pieces complete set, or bigger for 4-pieces complete set. Sometimes can be use as subsitute for ABS original part.
Ölwanne racing - this is lower part closed in 5-pieces sets, usually for racing use. Usuallly for racing use to catch the oil when engine failure.
Komplettsatz 3-tellig RACING : usually contains of the basic parts of bodywork. (Upper part, lower part, seat (rear part) for foam seat)
Komplettsatz 4-teilig RACING : usually contains of  (Upper part, side parts, seat racing for foam seat)
Komplettsatz 5-teilig RACING : usually contains of (Upper part, side part, oil sum, seat racing closed fo foam seat)
Komplettsatz 6-teilig SBK: usually contains of  : (upper patrt, side parts, Oil sump, seat open, GFK polster)
Complete set racing "OP" - this is complete set, which include rear part (seat) open for use with Original Polster (stock seat) ( thats why called "OP")
Teil "Strada"- this is parts with cut out for head light, tail light, exhaust. Usually this parts can be used as considerably substitute of original parts. Can be for example.:
Upper part Street big/small, Seat racing closed with cut out for tail light, seat "OP" with cut out for tail light, lower part with cut out for exhaust / side stand.
Reduziertstück zum Luftröhre- this is transition duct necessary to join upper part of fairing and original / race airduct (airducts)

HINT: (in the description of part is exact list from which parts accurately is the each individual complete set composed.

GFK = Abkürzung für Glasfaser

HINT : each design with materials and their description you can find in each card of product under bookmark "Type of material", a litlle bit more in section "ABOUT US" /  MATERIALS" , "PRODUCTS"


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