What thermofoil Motoforza excels?

  • This foil is suitable for shielding heat from the exhaust system, pipes, silencers, etc.
  • Especially suitable in places where the exhaust leads very close to fiberglas or carbon parts which are due to the heat burns or deformed.
  • The foil is applicable both in the motorcycle and automotive industries.
  • Resistance foil up to 600°C.
  • This foil is a massive, thickness 3 mm, is made of special glass fibers and heat resistant layer.

    MOTOFORZA recommends:
  • For gluing foil choose glue (silicone) resistant to temperature. Best is motor silicone resistant to at least up to 300°C.
  • Foil is available in three uni sizes, sufficient for many applications, namely: 50x50, 60x33, 50x20 (in cm)
  • Delivery time: immediately - in stock - preview part in shop here : ID: (TF5050)

Installation of aluminum foil into the lower part of the fairing.

We adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Part must be clean, dry, (older part degreased).
  2. We prepare the foil to length, width or shape of part (use scissors or a cutting knife)
  3. Use engine silicone that resists high temperatures (at least up to 260°C to 300°C.) Use of another silicone is not recommended (damage part, peel off foil, silicon burning, etc.)
  4. Apply silicone on the middle part of the part and put aluminum foil upward of the silver side. Then shape by hand. Recesses one side of the foil. Apply silicone one centimeter from the edge of foil and then manually shape. Followed by other side.
  5. We recommend check the part whether during gradual drying silicone is foil somewhere unstuck, eventually stick again.

Note: This procedure we used for gluing foil into the lower parts supplied for the KTM factory for models KTM RC8/R and KTM Duke 690 for the Junior Cup.

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