Nummertafel - Weiss

GFK - Fiberglas

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Nummertafel - Weiss, GFKTabulka na číslo - Bílá
Nummertafel - Weiss, GFK
Höcker GFK Suzuki 750 auf Suzuki GT 550, Kotflügel vorne UNI 19
Teile motoforza auf Yamaha 500 , Verkleidung, Kotflügel hinten, Hocker
Number plate - yellow on naked bike


  • Breite: 276 mm
  • Höhe: 226 mm

Materialien / Design


GFK - Fiberglas

Basic and cheapest version is GFK fiberglass. Thanks to the precision of employees in handmade production and the emphasis on the quality of these products, they have perfect flexibility, durability and low weight. Composition - UV stable white gelcoat (not paint), fiberglass mat and fiberglass cloth impregnated with resin. In the stressed and susceptible places to break the parts are reinforced by Kevlar-Carbon layers as needed, or Coremat for the seats. Parts are flexible and have mostly a smooth surface. Are made for paint job.
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Why GFK- fiberglass? For example those who want to put fairings on for the circuit at low cost. Or inexpensively replace a precious piece (broken) original.

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