UNI mask - Streetfighter Version 2 mit Halters

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GFK - Fiberglas

Code: NM-22|G

Preis ohne MwSt.: 151,00 

Code: NM-22|C

Preis ohne MwSt.: 604,00 

  • We deliver the part without projectors. 
    Suitable (projectors): (S-316HC) and (S-316HR)

  • dimensions:
    height -460mm, width - 430mm,
    width of mounting points - 220mm,
    diameter of holes for headlights, upper 81mm, lower 82mm

>>>> warum Motoforza?

  • Hochwertiger bewährten Serie MotoGP, WSBK, IDM, IRC, TT
  • Perfekte Passform, Flexibilität, Haltbarkeit
  • Mehrere Schichten von Kevlar-Carbon-Verstärkungen für extra Haltbarkeit 
  • Glatte Oberfläche konforme Beschichtung, pin-Loch frei.
  • Unsere Teile sind viel leichter und viel billiger als ABS Originalteile

Materialien / Design

GFK - Fiberglas

Basic and cheapest version is GFK fiberglass. Thanks to the precision of employees in handmade production and the emphasis on the quality of these products, they have perfect flexibility, durability and low weight. Composition - UV stable white gelcoat (not paint), fiberglass mat and fiberglass cloth impregnated with resin. In the stressed and susceptible places to break the parts are reinforced by Kevlar-Carbon layers as needed, or Coremat for the seats. Parts are flexible and have a smooth surface. Are made for paint job.
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Why GFK- fiberglass? For example those who want to put fairings on for the circuit at low cost. Or inexpensively replace a precious piece (broken) original.


 These products consist of a transparent gelcoat and carbon fabric and resin used here is different than GRP parts. The components are lightweight and stronger than GRP. Weight reduction compared to GRP is about 30-50%. The parts are polished to a high gloss, for the carbon fiber to stand out. Note: (Engine covers, frame covers, swing arm covers - first layer Carbon (black fabric) + additional layers of Kevlar-Carbon). 
Why Carbon design? - For fans of Carbon. Low weight and hardness. In this embodiment, we place extreme emphasis on the surface and visible layer so as to stand out preferably carbon cloth. Suitable for showbikes. Highly polished. Parts also don’t need any paint. At the frame, swing-arm, engine and other small covers using multiple layers of carbon and Kevlar-Carbon achieved extreme hardness of the product.


In der Regel ist es am besten, Montagehalterungen aus Ihrer Machine & die gewünschte Position zu erstellen. 

Installationsanweisungen, Hinweisen, Tipps für die Installation finden Sie hier >>>

Technische Spezifikationen


  • Höhe 460mm
  • Breit 430mm
  • Breite der Montagehalterungen 220mm
  • Durchmesser-Loch für Scheinwerfer oben 81mm und unten 82mm

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